february 2020 recruitment

The Runaway Company will be staging our currently-unnamed February 2020 production, a revue-style performance, that focuses on the theatrical potential of music. We are looking to put together a creative team, consisting of music directors, creative directors, and vocal directors, who will be coming up with the creative vision and concept behind the show, and to take the lead in the creative aspects of the production. We are also looking for people to join us as an associate producer or production manager who will be kick-starting the administrative aspects of the production.



wilderness 2019 recruitment

(Thank you for your interest, but sign ups have closed. Stay tuned for future opportunities!)

The Runaway Company will be staging ‘Wilderness’ by Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger. ‘Wilderness’ documents the stories of troubled youth confronting their inner demons as they undergo an outdoor therapy programme. As a company committed to telling the stories of youth through both music and theatre, ‘Wilderness’ will mark another milestone for the company as we stage a music theatre piece for the first time. If you are interested in joining this production, sign up now as an actor, musician or production member.