the story of tonight

Sign ups have closed on 7th Sept 2019

The Runaway Company will be staging ‘The Story of Tonight’ - a collection of musical numbers exploring dreams in four acts. Join us as we navigate through the complex dreamscape of life - its challenges, triumphs, and reality. We are looking for performers (e.g. singer-actors, actors), musicians (e.g. guitarists, violinists, drummers, etc) as well as production committee members (e.g. lighting designers, publicity members, costumes, etc).



aug2020 recruitment

Sign ups have closed on 7th Sept 2019

The Runaway Company will be staging our currently-unnamed August 2020 production that focuses on the musical potential of theatre. We are looking to put together a creative team, consisting of music directors and creative directors who will be coming up with the creative vision and concept behind the show, and to take the lead in the creative aspects of the production. We are also looking for people to join us as production managers and stage managers who will be kick-starting the administrative aspects of the production.



TRC music list

Sign ups have not open yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, we recommend you sign up to be a performing musician for our next production in March 2020, The Story of Tonight!

The Runaway Company stages productions that integrate music and theatre to tell the stories of youths. In addition to our open calls for musicians, singers, actors, procomm members before every production, we would like to gather a community of musicians who are interested to contribute to TRC productions. By signing up to be a part of the TRC music list, you will be invited to audition as musicians for upcoming productions. We are looking for a wide variety of musicians, from guitarists to violinists, composers to sound engineers, drummers to bassoonists!