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Company of Void Deck, 2019

Company of Void Deck, 2019


The Runaway Company is a youth theatre company that pursues two main aims:

  1. the integration of music and theatre in our productions to tell the stories of youths, and

  2. the providing of a platform for committed youths with potential to participate in these productions.

We believe this platform is necessary to allow such youths to explore music, theatre and their production, regardless of past experience in these areas. Our productions and activities provide opportunities for all TRC youths to explore new areas of interest or develop in one specialisation, as well as to exchange ideas, skills and knowledge through working together.

We also believe in the power of integrating music and theatre to communicate stories and capture experiences. This can refer to musical theatre, music written to enhance plays, scripts spun out of music; or any combination of these two elements. Music can articulate universal emotions where words or movement can fall short. This is relevant not only in making our productions more accessible, but also in conveying the myriad of intense emotions characteristic to youth (a time of transition, change and self-discovery), as we seek to do.


our values

  1. Community - We want to create a safe space where we can freely communicate our ideas, support one another in our learning and offer suggestions in a respectful and caring way.

  2. Commitment - We want to bring together responsible and dedicated youths who believe in our vision, and actively contribute where they have committed to do so.

  3. Growth - We want to give chances to youths to develop their areas of potential, whether or not they have credentials in these specialisations or plan to formally study them.


As a registered non-profit society, we pursue our mission as a social cause. As such TRC members, production members, and exco members do not receive any profits obtained from production surpluses, which are used as capital in the early stages of following productions. Every member is given sufficient time to consider and officially give their consent to this condition. Thus, all contributions are voluntary commitments of time, effort and resources to support our mission, and we deeply appreciate this support that allows the company to go on running.

If you believe in our mission and would like to support us, or if you have any queries, do contact us here.