Wilderness recruitment

The Runaway Company will be staging “Wilderness” by Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger. “Wilderness” documents the stories of troubled youth confronting their inner demons as they undergo an outdoor therapy programme.

As a company committed to telling the stories of youth through both music and theatre, “Wilderness” will mark another milestone for the company as we stage a music theatre piece for the first time.


The Runaway Company


An organization where passionate, music-and-theatre-loving youths will look at and say unreservedly: “this is something that I can see myself joining.”

Regardless of what background they come from. No matter what they want to do in the future. That they can say I love what these people have done and I want to be a part of that too.


Small Team, Big Dream

We want to harness music as a form of storytelling. When we put music and theatre together, it has the power to make life's simplest moments into something extraordinary. This integration of music and theatre is our attempt at exploring a new form of collaboration between musicians and theatre performers and open us up to a whole new world of possibilities.


Original Works

Featuring music from Runaway the Musical (2018)